Platform Designed for Professional Betting


QBO is the most advanced sports trading platform. QBO (Quick Betting Order) is designed exclusively for professional traders to give them the best odds and highest stakes across multiple bookmakers and exchanges.


QBO aggregates real-time odds and bets simultaneously across multiple bookmakers. This solves the problems of low stakes, price movements and manual execution errors.


QBO is integrated with various major bookmakers and betting exchanges providing access to unrivalled amounts of liquidity. This includes Betfair, Matchbook, SBOBET, SingBet, Pinbet88 and more.


Early market, game day and in-running offers on Asian Handicaps and all other major markets for Football, Tennis, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Rugby Union.


QBO is the fastest sports betting software of its kind. We continually invest in the latest technologies to deliver the fastest prices retrieval and bet placement in the market.


As one of the first to develop sports trading software to hit the multiple bookmakers and exchanges at once, we continue to focus on leading and innovating the market.



We are completely impartial. Trusted by the largest and most sophisticated professional trading groups in the world.


JSON push API to allow clients to run their trading strategies automatically.


We aim to provide the best customer support. Our team are available to help will all your technical queries, in multiple languages.


Available on your mobile, tablet and PC via the QBO website and web app.


Choose your trading currency and customise odds format, default bet types and staking preferences.


The QBO betting platform is an easy to use, multi-channel interface showing real time updated best odds, so that users can place aggregated orders at the highest liquidity in milliseconds. This solves any problems associated with poor liquidity, price movements and manual execution errors.

  • Top down execution
  • Odds formats (Decimal, Hong Kong, American)
  • Working Orders (auto-placement once order prices match)
  • Multiple currencies
  • Favourite events and competition filters
  • Comprehensive accounting software & full audit history
  • Smart search bar for faster browsing


The QBO Sports Betting API (Application Programming Interface) allows users to run automatic computerized strategies on the platform and develop their own products. The QBO API has been optimised for performance in reacting to the market, retrieving data from bookmakers and has a very powerful throughput rate.

Live Price Stream
Free Integration Period
Simple Integration with Bookies
Expert Technical Support
Comprehensive Documentation


Many of the world’s largest Bookmakers, in particular the Asia-based operators, partner with authorised Agents to provide account and settlement services to their clients. The Agent’s role is to establish betting accounts, manage client funds (e.g. receive deposits, send withdrawals, manage client credit and settle outstanding balances between the client and the bookmaker) and provide customer support.

At QBO we focus entirely on providing a world-class execution platform. We don’t provide betting accounts and we don’t accept client deposits. However, through our 10+ years of experience, we have established lasting relationships with a handful of highly reputable Agents.

If you require betting accounts, please let us know: we’d be happy to talk you through how the system works in more detail and put you in contact with an Agent that best suits your requirements.

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